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Shopify Apps to Increase Your Store Sales

Are you about to start development for a new Shopify store? Are you already running one and looking for the top Shopify apps of 2022 to enhance sales? There are numerous options available because Shopify provides…
May 10, 2023

Are you about to start development for a new Shopify store? Are you already running one and looking for the top Shopify apps of 2022 to enhance sales?

There are numerous options available because Shopify provides hundreds of applications in the Shopify app store, but picking the appropriate one is the main issue. We have listed the top best apps in 2022 that every Shopify eCommerce development owner should install on the client’s Shopify store to enhance customer sales.

Other than these apps Shopify Plus should be a preference. The Shopify Plus development agency has a high edge in customizing and adding flexibility to the eCommerce store.

Shopify vs. Shopify Plus

Shopify and Shopify Plus offer the same when it comes to the dashboard and fundamental eCommerce features. The distinction is that Shopify Plus provides far greater flexibility, support choices, and access to the core code of the store under development.

Best Shopify Email Marketing Apps


Privy is the finest Shopify software for building a subscriber list if you want to start email marketing to promote the Shopify business. Shopify plus development agencies use it to increase website conversion, expand email lists and generate sales with Privy.

Privy Characteristics

  • Expands Email List With Powerful Targeting Capabilities
  • Campaign Triggers can help increase your conversion rate.
  • Boost Average Order Value
  • Measure Outcomes in Real-Time
  • Streamline Email Marketing
  • Text Message Marketing (SMS)

Omnisend Email Marketing

Omnisend is a Shopify email and SMS marketing tool for businesses that want to boost revenue rather than burden. Full Shopify connection, pre-built automated processes, and straightforward, no-code editing make it simple to get started without getting bogged down in the weeds — unless you want to.

Ominsend Characteristics

  • Ecommerce automation helps increase sales on autopilot.
  • Send out newsletters and customized marketing initiatives.
  • With sophisticated segmentation improve targeting for client’s business.
  • Combine email, SMS, and other methods.
  • Create email and SMS lists.

Best Shopify Shipping Apps

The ship, Rate & Track for FedEx by Plugin Hive

The Ship, Rate, and Track for FedEx feature aid in the seamless integration of FedEx and Shopify. The app serves as a FedEx shipping solution for a Shopify store, displaying live FedEx rates at the checkout page, generating bulk FedEx labels, and tracking FedEx packages.

FedEx Characteristics

  • Live FedEx Carrier Calculated Shipping Rates
  • Domestic, International, and Freight Shipping Services
  • Automatically Generate and Print FedEx Shipping Labels in Bulk
  • FedEx Shipment Tracking for orders
  • Supports FedEx One Rate and Smart Post shipping for Shopify
  • Multiple Packaging Methods
  • Schedule FedEx Pickup for orders
  • Generate FedEx Return Label
  • Supports FedEx Special Shipments

Best Sales Booster Shopify Apps


ModeMagic is a one-of-a-kind shop conversions program that may help increase sales on your client’s eCommerce store as a Shopify eCommerce development agency. ModeMagic aids with automating flash sales and promotional activities, inventory management, and revenue plans.

Mode of Magic Characteristics

  • Product badges and labels display all relevant information, allowing for faster purchasing.
  • Trusts packs assist build client trust in an online store.
  • Store and Product Banners disseminate relevant offer and sales campaign information throughout the website.
  • Product feature cards provide pertinent product information to assist in making more informed purchasing decisions.
  • Automation playbooks make sales and promotion efforts easier to automate.

Best Shopify Referral Apps

Referral Candy

Referral Candy is referral software for fast-growing Shopify and Shopify Plus agencies. Million-dollar direct-to-consumer firms utilize Referral Candy to automate their refer-a-friend program, acquire new consumers, and eliminate referral fraud.

Referral Candy Characteristics

  • On Dashboard, track sales and discover top referrers.
  • Review and stop suspicious transactions using Fraud Centre.
  • Automatic reward payout – no fussy customer loyalty points there are no restrictions on advocates or redemptions.

Shopify apps for upsells and cross-sells

iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell

iCart is an all-in-one program for customizing side carts and optimizing conversions in the development of a Shopify store. iCart assists in building cart drawers and increasing sales by displaying upsells, product recommendations with time-sensitive offers, gift wrapping, countdown timers, coupons, and many other features. Using it does not necessitate any coding skills.

cart Characteristics

  • Upsell in cart
  • Product suggestions (cross-sell)
  • HTML customization
  • Side cart with sticky add-to-cart and cart bubble
  • Add-ons – Giftwrap (Gift wrap) / warranty/custom
  • Cart countdown – timed for urgency – persistent cart
  • Cart button on the side

Best Shopify SEO Apps

Bulk Image Edit ‑ Image SEO

Images that are enormous in file size, are not labeled with keywords, and are not user-friendly can devastate SEO rankings. That’s when Bulk Image Edit comes in handy. Bulk Picture Edit may DRAMATICALLY decrease image file sizes with a single click without sacrificing noticeable image quality – up to 51% in some cases. It is a must-do even before the development of the Shopify store gets complete.


  • As a Shopify store development agency use customizable templates to alter picture alt text and file names in bulk to represent store name, product name, product type, etc.
  • Set and forget newly contributed photos. They will update automatically with the chosen Alt text and file name templates.
  • Reduce the size of Product or Theme Asset image files without sacrificing picture quality.
  • Resize all product photographs to the most common image shape, square, to standardize images on the website and social networks like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Resize/crop/Frame/Trim product photographs so that they are all the same width or height.
  • Watermark product photos with text or graphics to prevent competitors from stealing them.
  • Before establishing a task, see the goods that will undergo modification.
  • Examine the photographs altered using well-organized logs.
  • The ability to revert/undo any modifications done.