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Preparing Your Ecommerce Store for the Holiday Season

Ecommerce Holiday Guide 2024 (Steps + Tips to Prepare) The holiday season is here! Yes, and you must start preparing for the extra sales and revenue you can make during this peak time. Let’s just…
May 11, 2023

Ecommerce Holiday Guide 2024 (Steps + Tips to Prepare)

The holiday season is here! Yes, and you must start preparing for the extra sales and revenue you can make during this peak time. Let’s just admit it; it isn’t easy when it comes to getting ready for the holiday season. Everyone out there is doing it! You feel the stress and anxiety in the air with every user trying to get the best of the holiday season deals and every online store trying to offer the best deal. How do you prepare yourself for the competition?

Don’t worry Bizmia is here to help you get ready in the perfect way for this holiday season. In this post, we offer tips to get your eCommerce store perfectly ready for the holiday season.

Here is what we will discuss in this post:

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  • Top 8 Tips to Get Ready for the Holiday Season
    • Get Your Holiday Season Plan Ready
    • Get a Holiday Design
    • Plan Promotions for Holiday Season
    • Have Your Email Marketing Plan in Place
    • Make Your Paid Ads Personalized
    • Never Forget Remarketing
    • Help People Choose the Right Gift
    • Offer Better Customer Experience
  • What If You Do Not Have Time to Make Changes To Your Site?
  • Conclusion

Top 8 Tips to Get Ready for the Holiday Season

Get Your Holiday Season Plan Ready

You need a solid sales strategy, so that’s where you should begin. It’s important to set some holiday targets in advance. The holiday season is a great opportunity to retarget previous visitors to your website and bring in brand-new ones.

You’ll have to settle on promotional bundles and other goodies. Create a strategy for implementing the required changes to your platform’s layout. The marketing plan is very important.

Get a Holiday Design

So, the next tip is to get a holiday design ready. Put some effort into the homepage design. It is not necessary to completely overhaul the website. Usually, a new “skin” is all that’s needed to update the major parts and pages. Do your best to put your own unique spin on a pleasant holiday theme you choose.

Whatever theme you decide to go with, here is what you must do:

  • Offer holiday sales on the site
  • Make sure your promotions and discounts stand out (this will lead to customers buying your products)
  • Don’t compromise the navigation. Make it easy for customers to check out!
  • Never forget the call to action buttons!

Pro Tip: Don’t compromise on the theme. And if you must, seek the help of a professional developer or a website development agency to make the tweaks for you. They might have their own holiday promotions to tweak your site a bit.

Plan Promotions for Holiday Season

And here we are! As we said earlier, having promotions during the holiday season is your best bet to stand out. Put together some holiday promotions. Sales promotions encourage clients to purchase, particularly when they are on the fence about what they want to buy.

Have Your Email Marketing Plan in Place

Email marketing initiatives around the holidays are a must. Tell your customers that you still have time to get them Christmas presents. Also, if you have information, you can send them suggestions for products they would like and discounts.

Also, offer people who regularly view your email promotions free or discounted shipping, coupon vouchers for use on future purchases, or even a free product. Remember to add a sense of urgency to your offers by specifying a cutoff date.

Make Your Paid Ads Personalized

Keep the customizations in mind as you craft your ads. When adverts keep popping a person’s screen, they become irritated. While shopping for the holidays, people will be exposed to advertising from competitors.

To stand out from the competition, tailor your offers to each customer. With customization, you have a better possibility of increasing your sales. Do not assume that people will spend time reading generic advertisements.

Never Forget Remarketing

While shopping around, you may have found the ideal presents for some of your loved ones. If you’re like most people, you’ve already bookmarked or favorited these items in preparation for purchasing once the holiday season rolls around. Your audience behaves in the same way. But remember, people tend to forget and don’t look at their browsing history to find your products.

The solution? Remarketing, or retargeting, is a method of advertising that focuses on reaching people who have already visited and engaged with your website. Remarketing is an excellent strategy for bringing in new, high-quality customers and reminding existing ones about your store.

Help People Choose the Right Gift

Don’t discount the influence of holiday gift guides. If you’re stuck for a present suggestion, they’re a great resource. Organizing your gift guide into several parts will also help consumers quickly identify the perfect item, and they are likely to purchase your products.

After all, who doesn’t want help finding the right gift for their loved ones?

Offer Better Customer Experience

Now, let’s give attention to the customers. You can monitor your consumers’ actions on your site in various ways to enhance their purchasing experience. In your search for efficiency, keep things basic and user-friendly.

Remember, it’s a big one! The holiday season is not the time to test a new buyer’s journey because of increased traffic and client demand. Preparation is key. Avoid wasting resources on a customer journey that doesn’t align with your customer’s goals and viewpoint.

What If You Do Not Have Time to Make Changes To Your Site?

Now, what if you don’t have time for all this and you can only focus on some parts of this strategy? That’s fine. Designing your site and having a smooth, user-friendly site isn’t an easy job or everyone would be doing that. That’s why there are professional developers or web development agencies that can help you work on the design of your site.

Bizmia is one of those web development agencies, and you can always reach us for any change you want to make to your site.


Growing an online business means entering endless competition. You have to be on top of everything. But you can’t do everything yourself and must seek the help of experts. If you have got an eCommerce store and would like to make changes to your store this holiday season, Bizmia, the top eCommerce development agency, is here to help you.