Emerging Trends in Magento eCommerce Development for 2022

The number of e-commerce stores has increased in the past few years. All this is due to their immense benefits. Magento is a framework used to build e-commerce stores. It is appropriate for creating highly…
May 10, 2023

The number of e-commerce stores has increased in the past few years. All this is due to their immense benefits. Magento is a framework used to build e-commerce stores. It is appropriate for creating highly interactive and feature-rich e-commerce websites. Every Magento development agency should follow these trends for a robust and highly functional online store in 2023.

Here are the Top Magento Development Trends 2022:

Voice Search Optimization

Voice-based searches are popular with voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. These voice-controlled gadgets have proved handy for many tasks, including weather forecasting and shopping. Voice search capabilities allow users to search by speech commands and voice-enabled devices. Subsequently, they return relevant results by processing the requests.

Voice search is gaining popularity since it is rapid, simple, and easy to use. It represents a significant potential for organizations, and it will provide several benefits. Voice search will be a prominent trend in e-commerce development by 2023. Use voice search optimization in Magento web design to reap huge rewards now and in the future.


AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) are useful in various sectors. AR/VR impacts eCommerce, changing the way people purchase online. Magento developers should add AR/VR features to enable online customers to visually test items or take a virtual tour to examine their locations, positions, or fixations. Buyers, for example, can take a virtual view of a table to see how it will seem in different settings. Buyers can select the best table based on their observations of various tables in a specific place or position.

AR/VR is innovative web development technology that, when used in Magento e-commerce store web design, gives a better client experience. An online store will be able to provide a virtual tour of the items or envision them realistically. This technology is appropriate for apparel retailers since shoppers may virtually try on shirts or other clothes before purchasing.

AI & Chatbots

Chabot’s is another e-commerce idea that will be around for a long time. It has drawn many people from all around the world since it makes their lives simpler. Chabot’s are the ideal replacement for traditional time-consuming customer care procedures for internet enterprises. It is not a new trend in the e-commerce business. Magento e-commerce developers incorporate AI (Artificial Intelligence) Chabot’s to aid and support clients or purchasers anytime technical issues develop or inquiries require resolution.

It is one of the fundamental Magento e-commerce development trends that will continue through 2022. Because of their ability to interact with consumers like humans, AI-enabled Chabots can replace human customer service personnel. They use artificial intelligence to understand consumer inquiries and learn from their behavior to give relevant information.

Social Selling

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have emerged as the most popular marketing tools. As a result, social selling is now a trend in the e-commerce sector that firms are using to boost sales and profits. Many individuals have social media accounts, and they may spread the news about products or services via social media, making it a viable sales tool. It aids in speedy sales, and you may capitalize on this trend by incorporating social media into the website.

Magento web development agencies should establish social media campaigns to promote clients’ businesses. They should include social networking links to the website for allowing purchasers to share products or services with others. Integrating social media platforms with a website might increase sales and attract more clients.

Push Notifications

Another prominent Magento e-commerce development trend is pushing notifications used by online businesses to provide updates about their services, offers, and discounts. Push notifications help internet businesses increase client interaction and raise awareness. Magento e-commerce developers should build the push notification capability and use it to communicate with customers frequently. Pop-ups on the website are for the same reason. The exit-intent pop-up is an effective method of engaging customers. Push alerts and pop-ups are excellent ways to expand the consumer base.

Push notifications will alert the audience about special discounts and deliver other information to engage them.

These notifications help inform customers about discounts, offers, deals, and new products and build a solid relationship with them.

Magento PWA

The Progressive Web App, or PWA, is a developing idea that will cause a seismic change in website development. With an app-like design, PWAs make web pages more engaging and user-friendly. The notion of PWA allows developers to convert websites into web apps that run on any device and visitors to access a website more easily. Magento e-commerce developers should use this as it includes standard functions available in all mobile and desktop apps. A PWA looks and feels like a genuine mobile or desktop app. As a result, a PWA may be installed, launched, and interacted with in the same way native applications can.

Progressive Web Apps take website experiences to new heights. Magento web developers should create a strong PWA for the client’s store. PWA development is a new technology that will be a top Magento development trend in 2022. PWA development provides a quicker, simpler, lighter, and more accessible option for e-commerce websites.


Magento is a fantastic e-commerce platform with several features and benefits. It is an excellent alternative for customizing a website to the client’s demands and specifications. As a Magento e-commerce developer, you can create a highly-functional business website. Magento is a versatile and feature-rich website development platform.