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Salesforce Lightning Features Will Level Up Your Business

Our Salesforce Lightning vs. Salesforce Classic comparison shows that, despite some small drawbacks, the new Salesforce UI provides a more comprehensive and user-friendly feature set. As a Salesforce development services providers, in this article, we…
May 10, 2023

Our Salesforce Lightning vs. Salesforce Classic comparison shows that, despite some small drawbacks, the new Salesforce UI provides a more comprehensive and user-friendly feature set. As a Salesforce development services providers, in this article, we detail how these functionalities help Salesforce users drive business in this article.

Benefits of Salesforce Lightning

It Will Boost Sales Team Productivity

Lightning UI enables team members to organize and configure their homepage in a way that is most convenient for them. While also providing quick access to the most important records (assigned and overdue tasks, problematic opportunities, and so on).

Sales representatives can be directed through the complete sales process using the Path component. The path indicates the steps that should be taken at each level of dealing with a lead.

The Activity timeline is another element that might help sales teams be more productive. Sales reps can use this tool to keep track of what’s been planned and done for a certain lead, opportunity, or account. Moreover, sales management can better oversee their subordinates’ performance.

Improved Forecasting and Analytics

Lightning Experience provides better compatibility with Einstein AI over Salesforce Classic. Einstein AI tools such as Einstein opportunity insights and Einstein forecasting are available to Lightning users. switching to Lightning will give you access to features such as Einstein opportunity insights and Einstein forecasting. With this information, Lightning Experience users may more effectively qualify leads, analyze their behavior and recommend the best next steps for nurturing them, and forecast demand for goods and services.

The Einstein Account Insights feature enables companies to create more detailed client profiles and use them to provide a more personalized experience. It contributes significantly to customer loyalty as well as increased revenue.

Lightning provides enhanced visual reporting for presenting the analyzed data. It adds to higher reporting quality by saving time while creating and reading reports.

Better Information Security

Privacy should always be the most critical component of any system. Consider how you would feel if someone violated your policies and gained access to your company’s data. Salesforce recognizes this and has prioritized privacy in recent Lightning releases. The Salesforce Lightning framework’s separate components are not able to communicate with one another.

This function eliminates the chance of fraudulent activity while also giving you a clean user interface. Locker Service is without a doubt one of the most useful Salesforce Lightning business features.

Fast App Development

It’s never been easier to design and develop applications. The fact that Salesforce Lightning is a component-based platform is one of its biggest selling points. To put it another way, you may simply use the Salesforce partners’ components that have already been integrated into your application. The best part is that it’s as simple as drag and drop.

Employing this method, Salesforce app development services can assist you in creating a high-quality app for your company without requiring you to devote more time. There are also a range of built-in features to choose from, depending on your needs. All you have to do now is integrate the ones that are most appropriate into the Salesforce Lightning framework, and your app is ready to go.

Third-Party Integration

Salesforce Lightning contains several components that are constantly being created and made accessible on the Salesforce AppExchange platform. Which makes it impossible to miss your requirements. You can, however, still incorporate bespoke elements from third-party sources if you do so. Salesforce recognizes that times are changing, and so are the new expectations. As a result, the CRM platform enables you to easily connect third-party components.

Whatever you require, regardless of the source, may be easily integrated and designed into your own application.

Modernized User Interface

Salesforce Lightning is a user favorite because of its new look and feel. Salesforce developed an intuitive and intelligent platform that “helps sales agents work more effortlessly and close more transactions faster.”

You’ll notice things such as easier-to-read language, icons, and images that create a better and simpler overall business overview. Updated dashboards provide you with better visibility of the metrics that are most important to your functions. Allowing you to see the overall picture for your customers and teams.

Finally, the simplicity and ease of a streamlined interface make user adoption of your platform much easier.

What About the Limitations of Salesforce Lightning?

Because not all Classic functions are available in Lightning, sales teams may decide to stick with Classic despite the Lightning benefits. Three times a year, though, Salesforce refreshes and improves it. Lightning Experience enhances the amount of revenue-generating options with new features.

How Can You Make The Most of Your Migration From Classic to Lightning?

These Salesforce Lightning features will not only give you a clear image of your company’s big picture, but they’ll also help you get there. Certainly, the change process will result in a work gap, but future attempts are promising.

Now that you know why you should use Salesforce Lightning, you can go on to the next step. The procedure will be aided by our salesforce consulting services at Bizmia. Our experience converting Classic to Lightning will make things easier for you and close the work gap we talked about earlier. Please do not hesitate to contact Bizmia’s salesforce advisory services professionals if you require any additional information.