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Maximize Grocery Sales With Magento: Top eCommerce Platform

Online food delivery and grocery retail have recently risen from insignificant to become multibillion-dollar industries. People all across the world are increasingly counting on the ease of ordering food from the comfort of their own…
May 10, 2023

Online food delivery and grocery retail have recently risen from insignificant to become multibillion-dollar industries. People all across the world are increasingly counting on the ease of ordering food from the comfort of their own homes. According to the statistic review, online grocery shopping is one of the top five online shopping sectors in the United States, with a $432.1 billion turnover. Therefore, starting a food eCommerce business is an excellent way to make money. However, it is critical to monitor market conditions and choose the best eCommerce platform such as Magento development company providing services to some of the top online grocery stores.

Grocery Ecommerce in The United States

In 2022, the United States online grocery business seems to be moving towards $135 billion in revenue. And, this figure is likely to hit $187 billion by 2023.

The number of consumers using grocery eCommerce platforms to shop for food continues to rise. Statista estimates that the number of online grocery consumers in the United States, will reach 163 million by 2024. When compared to 2019, the forecast has risen substantially. Whereas, before the epidemic, there were only about 87 million people in the United States who were buying groceries online.

How to Start an Online Food Delivery Service Using Magento?

Personalized eCommerce Customer Service

When buying something online, the consumer’s thinking and behavior are different. Therefore, Magento development company allows you to take advantage of this distinction using client-personal profiles. They offer:

  • Order editing
  • Product reordering
  • Notifications and useful reminders

Custom Merchandising

When it comes to the way products are displayed on a website, Magento development facilitates individuality through customization. “How can I increase sales at my grocery store?” internet retailers inquire. To increase sales, a Magento developer would recommend the following advice:

  • Use layers and filters to make it easier to search for products based on brand, price, and delivery choices.
  • Similarly, you can give your buyers the impression of holding a product in their hands by incorporating several photographs, a 360º view, or a video.
  • To make rapid, personalized, and to-the-point tips, use AI-based engines to make custom recommendations. Wine and cheese are two categories that qualify for the “Best Pairs with” offer.

Profitable Promotions

Online retailers make it easier to develop effective, one-of-a-kind marketing plans and promotional campaigns that help you stand out from the crowd. Therefore, to attract customers’ attention and create a great eCommerce experience, consider the following recommendations:

  • Loyalty programs that provide special discounts and coupons, such as 10% off any order or a free food product every month, are best to attract repeat customers.
  • Sending your customers emails with your top-selling products or a personal discount can make them loyal to your online store. In addition, ask for feedback from your clients on why they enjoyed or disliked their buying experience.
  • Items labeled “New Arrival” demonstrate that your company evolves, grows, and brings in new suppliers. Furthermore, it also applies to services such as contactless delivery, innovative payment methods, and paperless packaging.

Multiple Payment Options

The convenience of having numerous payment gateways will be appreciated by customers. The two most commonly used payment methods are pre-paying on the website and paying on delivery. Therefore, if you’re ordering goods that are sold by weight, use a pre-authorized payment method. As a result, it will enable you to set a maximum hold on a consumer’s credit card account and extract the exact amount once the order is fulfilled.’

Order And Delivery Tracking

Customers will always favor online retailers that offer speedy shipment. Customers often have three options for delivery: express, contactless, and door-to-door. An online grocery website based on the Magento development platform, can provide customers continuing updates on the status of their orders. Consequently, you can program the system to send an email with the estimated arrival time or to update the delivery tracker on the website.

Success Stories in Grocery eCommerce

Magento is one of the market’s best eCommerce platforms. World-famous food and beverage companies such as Monin, Burger King, and Cake Supplies have employed Magento development agency as a dependable solution for their web business.