Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning

How Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning Help Maximize Sales?

Migrating to Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning enhances online shopping with personalized experiences, seamless navigation, mobile optimization, and robust order management.
June 7, 2024

eCommerce trends are rapidly changing according to customer needs and requirements. That being said, vendors and eCommerce business owners have to ensure that their store is updated and provides a seamless user experience with all the latest functionalities. Amongst the world-renowned eCommerce platforms, Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning has proven to be a game-changer for eCommerce businesses.

This blog focuses on salesforce B2B commerce lightning, the benefits of migrating to B2B commerce lightning, and how it transforms the shopping experience for you and your customers.

What is Salesforce B2B Commerce on Lightning?

Salesforce B2B commerce on lightning experience is a tool designed for business-to-business customers to offer a seamless, robust, and scalable shopping experience. It is built on the Salesforce Lightning framework that offers features such as page-building, customer relationship management (CRM), creating customized checkout experiences, etc. Here are some of the key features of Salesforce B2B Commerce for Lightning:

Key Features of Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning

How Does Lightning Experience Differ from Salesforce Classic?

Salesforce lightning vs. classic differs a lot based on the UI experience. Lighting experience comes with an updated, user-friendly interface and robust tools whereas Salesforce Classic is outdated and hard to navigate, which disrupts the overall experience in managing business operations.

Another distinguishing feature of Salesforce Lightning is that it offers specialized components that serve as a user interface to build mobile and desktops for B2B commerce. Lightning experience on B2B commerce also introduces new features, redesigned navigational tools, modified dashboards, record layouts, and views.

Keeping in view the differences, let’s take a look at the reasons to migrate from Salesforce Classic to Lightning experience on B2B commerce.

Why Should You Migrate to Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning?

With all the latest features, tools, and improvements for UI, migrating to Salesforce Lightning is a no-brainer. It can significantly enhance the online shopping experience along with streamlining the business operations that ultimately improve business operations. Here are a few reasons for migrating to Salesforce B2B commerce lightning:

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Easy-to-use Navigation and Shopping Cart Features

In Salesforce Lightning, there are Lightning web runtime (LWR) that utilize lightning web component framework for a current and modular approach. With the LWC component, the checkout process can be customized, flexible, and performance efficient enhancing the shopping experience.

Speaking of the modular design in LWC, it allows you to individually configure and assemble the components within the Salesforce Experience Builder. The Experience Builder allows reusability of the components and high customization along with its robust features such as drag and drop, designing the layout, configuring settings seamlessly with an intuitive UI, and customizing the checkout experience.

Utilize Updated Features without Building a New Store

Lightning Experience on B2B commerce cloud is worth the hype as it not only gives a lot of new features but also allows users to migrate seamlessly. If you want to migrate to Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning, you do not need to create a new store on the site as it allows you to reuse domain and sitting that allows you to continue with your branding and styling to present an integrated experience to your users.

Another best factor that comes with it is that your site’s template, pages, components, and navigation remain unchanged, but you gain the ability to incorporate commerce-specific pages and components. You can use templates like Customer Portal (CTP), Starter, or B2B templates for websites that are built on the Aura framework.

Advanced Product Search Features and Functionality

Creating a seamless and easy-to-navigate user experience is essential especially when it comes to product pages so that users can find the required product instantly. Keeping this in view, many eCommerce websites lack advanced product searches that increase the customer bounce rate and high cart abandonment.

Salesforce B2B lightning helps websites improve their product search features and functionality by using Field-Based Filtering, Dynamic Filter Selection, and other advanced features. It improves the user experience and drives more sales.

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Therefore, migrating to Lightning Experience is beneficial for increasing ROI, acquiring and retaining customers.

Enhance Order Management and Payment Agility

If you want to enhance your order management and payment processing, then Salesforce Lightning is the best solution. The lightning experience on B2B Salesforce Commerce Cloud has improved the order management capabilities such as it includes support for multiple currencies, gross tax type on orders, refunds on cancellations, order product discounts, unmanaged orders, accounts, and contacts, and payment processing with Adyen.

Supports Localization Feature

It is one of the most eye-catching features of Salesforce Lightning as it enables the stores to localize the language for the users to make it accessible. It helps in making the store visible across different regions, gets more sales and customers from the global audience, and overall increases the ROI.

How Does Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning Transform Online Shopping Experience?

As the business owners start to migrate from Salesforce classic to Lightning experience, they have observed beneficial changes. Starting from its advanced features to enhanced UI, it has helped in boosting customer engagement, retention, and satisfaction.

Not only that, but its automated recommendations such as automated discounts have also helped in getting more sales, which is a plus point for business growth and success.

Lightning Experience on Salesforce B2B commerce allows businesses to add fractional quantities, import CSV files globally, and automate category facets, along with many other features that have helped B2B companies transform the business experience.

Here are some additional benefits of using Lightning experience:

Benefits of Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning

Scale Your Business with Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning

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Bottom Line

B2B commerce lightning on Salesforce is the real game-changer for its updated UI, latest tools, features, and functionalities that enable store owners to make their store accessible. Migrating from salesforce classic to B2B commerce lightning can yield many benefits from enhancing user experience, to high user retention, more sales, and getting AI insights and analytics.